We look at all cases that Telematics customers like yourself raise with us. GA have recently cancelled my policy because 'I no longer meet underwriter requirements'. There were two occasions where my insurance probably could of got cancelled due to mechanics but I was lucky and nothing was flagged by GA. Its safer to just tell the mechanic youve got one before leaving your car. Manage your policy online. Emailed the help desk to get advice whether it’s not working correctly and after 5 days still had no response. What do we do ???? Short Term Cover. Depending on the chosen program, you can partially or completely protect yourself from unforeseen expenses. Please please please do NOT use them (or Aviva). If I could award 0 stars I would. Unfortunately we had to make a claim because my wife had an annoying accident involving a car park gate. They've then charge £50 admin fee for the privelege of doing so. I was told that the RAC are taking a bit longer than usual due to Covid. We will be in touch over the week to offer a way for the black box to be removed, though it can also be arranged independently. Get weekly updates I understand my colleagues have since been in touch to discuss this aspect further. I was previously insured with General Accident, where I made a claim due to an accident. It's a shame to read your review & learn that you've been left feeling this way, James. I gave up there and they didn't care.Final comment, after my policy expired they still sent me texts threatening to cancel my insurance due to a removed blackbox. Also tried to get full disclosure regarding the data on the black box - and been totally ignored!!! There were considerable difficulties in contacting them for support, constant glitches were encountered when making changes on GA's slow and unreliable app, and repeated demands for V5's and proof of ownership in response to my concerns about their mistakes. A complete shem. The General specializes in auto coverage policies for drivers who are high risk or who … Appalling appalling appalling. GA telematics insurance operates by installing a telematics device into your car. We don't provide customer service phone numbers during your policy term as you can manage your policy yourself online anytime via My account without having to call us. We reported a claim four weeks ago, no calls or email from them, I've had to continually chase. I'm a first year driver and the telematics app that GA offers is terrible.Nothing but false readings and inconsistencies with scores. My medical claims are continuously. national general accident and health insurance reviews is a tool to reduce your risks. I emailed them back and said it had already been fitted by their technicians, but lo and behold 2 days later they cancelled the policy.They do not have a phone number anywhere so I was unable to call them at anytime, and they still have not responded to my emails.So now I have no insurance, they have my money as I paid the policy in full, they are not responding to my emails and they don't have a phone number to allow me to contact them and sort this out. If I didn’t have the money for this, I wouldn’t be able to go to work.Please avoid their telematics device plans. Each score is record... Last updated: 05/01/2021. It's a shame to hear you aren't happy with our service. Aka you've got to really be driving like you have a death wish.My biggest negative point for the black box is the special mode garage mode. The claim they keep sending payment to the wrong place. We've helped more than 350,000 people find health insurance — and more are joining the National General family each day. General Accident insurance has been rated with only 1.4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot by close to 300 existing customers—one of the lowest Trustpilot ratings we've seen for an insurer. Wish we had protected our NCD. GA's online policy was flexible and easy to manage, but had no other positives. Our claim was settled seamlessly, and the body work to our car looked good. Not impressed!Update: I completed the contact form you advise me to use 6 days ago and am still awaiting a response! National General, formerly known as GMAC insurance, sells homeowners insurance as well as … Let us take a look at the plans in details to facilitate a better I'm sorry but anyone who owns a car knows that's delusional. Then, either in your home or on the go, you can manage your account online by making amendments yourself without an administration fee, as well as being able to access your insurance details and print policy documents whenever you want. We do not want to cancel the policy as she is getting a new car in the next few days. My car broke down yesterday and I phoned the General Accident breakdown helpline at 6.45pm. Awful communication skills. General Accident have taken incompetence to a new level. At 11:45pm I rang them and was told that the patrol assigned to me was going to have his meal break and that he would come to me by 1 am. Pay double price to have a blackbox, i think not. What I wasn't told was that I would be sitting in the car for five hours waiting. This will be my second complaint against the. I was thinking of insuring our other car with them but they keep saying the policy number is wrong (on the car we have with them) and I can't get option to speak to a person. In my opinion, this action penalises me for their failings. Up to 90 days’ cover for driving in Europe. Please avoid this car insurance agency, I’d recommend paying more to go with a more reliable provider that will actually safeguard you and your assets. It was only when I phoned them back in a complete state of mental anguish that they bothered to tell the RAC my situation. Anyone who is reading stay clear away from this company im now £500 down the drain because of these selfish people. You will be contacted by email to verify your review. Eventually, after four hours I was told that someone would come in the next hour or so ( by 11:30 pm). However, I am now renewing my insurance and require documents of my last claim for my new insurers. I think GA were always ready, and twice threatened to cancel my policy for reasons that were not in their terms and conditions. I learned both personal and commercial lines of business. AVOID AVOID AVOID I wish I could give 0 stars. It's simple enough - ju... Last updated: 05/01/2021. He said that he had only been given my details 10 minutes before. He was absolutely brilliant, very understanding and got me to a garage near my home.It would have been better for me not to have car breakdown insurance than to be misled for over five hours. Why won't they answer the phone? One of the text messages even said that I didn't need to call them back because help was on its way. It was installed by GA but no reply what do ever & cannot get no help from nowhere!!!!! I was assured that they were doing everything they could to help. When putting it in for repairs mechanics are known to rag the car especially for specific repairs due to their time constraints. I said that stopping for his meal when I had been waiting five hours was not doing everything they could. All rights reserved. Telematics cover. I had put this vehicle on my GA policy days before driving it on the road because I knew how slow GA was in uploading changes to the MID and to avoid this very situation. I stopped insuring the other car, so uploaded my proof of NCD to my GA account and asked them to apply this to my policy and protect my NCD. They were not able to offer a quote without a black box as one had with had been raised, unreal. SBI general Insurance Company offers two types of Personal Accident Plans which are Group Personal Accident plan and Individual Personal Accident Plan. Their a fraudulent company", "Avoid", "Don’t do business with this company. same company for the same reason. User reviews, company information, quotes & more. It’s all about you. It's a shame to read your review today Adam & I do hope that your wife is ok following the accident. Trying to make me pay £100 cancel fee when I wasn’t at fault. National General Insurance ranks 287 of 1087 in Insurance category. The overall rating of the company is 1.3 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. Your browser does not support embedded videos. Since being founded, General Accident and has since been involved in numerous mergers culminating in its merger with Norwich Union in 2000. Leave a General Accident review to help others save money with the best cashback offers around. Due to someone claiming against me 3 months after a minor bump, my new GA policy was now invalid due to said bump not being declared. The General Accident brand is now a trading name of Aviva and was reintroduced in 2013. Blackbox scoring was OK. Think again. Hi Barbara. We’re an online insurer, but if you need to, you can talk to us directly Monday to Friday 08:00 to I feel sorry for the workers replying, I'm sure they get so much abuse for the silly system and they're always super polite. Contact Us Contact Us REGISTERED COMPANY NAME: General Accident Insurance Company Jamaica Limited ADDRESS 58 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica MONTEGO BAY BRANCH Unit 8, Summit Business Center Fairview, Montego Bay St. James Email info@genac.com PHONE (876) 929-9643 (876) 929-8451 (876) 929-8454 FAX (876) 960-1270 OPENING HOURS … This was because the police sent me a letter telling me that on that day, my vehicle was not on the MID and had not appeared on the MID during the following week. Third party, fire & theft cover. Will never use this company again. I had no issues with the process and everything went smoothly. Very unhelpful customer service. This should be changed.I'd take this company as your method to get your first year no claims. Every half hour or so I was sent a text message apologising and saying that they were 'working hard to get to me', so I kept expecting someone to come. Oct 30, 2020. My Daughter is selling her car today, we are looking for another car within 7 days she will have another car but we have emailed GA re the black box she had fitted and had no response what so ever!!!! Telematics device gives unrealistic readings for ‘time of day’. Cancelled my policy because it said i had 3 incidents under 50 within 30 days which i hadnt been told about. No way of calling GA to see if policy could be amended and pay extra. Then several days later told me if I didn't let them fit the box they would cancel my insurance. The service I've received from GA over four years has been shambolic. American General Life & Accident Insurance Co. is located at 201 6th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219, USA. If any mistakes were made in rating your journeys we will refund the cancellation fee you paid. Avoid at all costs.I took out a car insurance policy with GA in February.

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