Because of the heavyweight of large-sized coolers, you do not have to face any kind of difficulty of frustration during the draining of it. Since then, YETI is manufacturing various outdoor products such as coolers, drinkware, bags, and other accessories. Yeti Cooler Price. Capacity varied from model to model, but I tried to keep things as close to 50 quarts as I could -- big enough for folks who want dozens of cold beers on hand at their next beach party, but not too big if you're just looking for something to feed the family out of at your next picnic.Here are all of them along with where you'll find them and what they cost:That list isn't meant to be exhaustive. Sitting in our 70-degree test lab with a small bag of ice from the gas station in it (roughly 7 pounds), the Recool was able to keep six Diet Cokes down at cold temps for a good 15 hours. This is completely leakage proof and very portable in size to carry anywhere easily.It is made with excellent quality to provide the features of waterproof, UV rays and puncture-proof because of its Dryhide shell protection. The Yeti Tundra 45 is a very popular cooler, and it provides enough storage space to accommodate up to 26 cans of drinks if you pack the cooler respecting the manufacturer’s ice to product ratio of 2:1. You do get a lot for your money, however. So while, on paper, Yeti is a superior cooler, the huge costs savings you will see with a Lifetime Cooler makes it a better buy in our opinion. If you're willing to pay a little extra, you can customize your cooler with extras like a built-in prep board for campsite cooking, stainless-steel bottle holders or even a.In fairness, we've only tested a couple of wheeled coolers so far, and the Rollr was the only one that I'd be happy to own. The Roadie 20 is a great option for any family trip because of its size. Hard Coolers: Tundra series cooler ranging from 20 quarts to 350 quarts. I think that's a reasonable trade, but I wish Yeti were more transparent about it.Meanwhile, for the same price the 58-quart.Bison offers lots of optional extras for its rotomolded coolers, including nonslip mats for the lid so you can stand on the cooler to cast a fishing line.I also took each cooler's design and features into consideration as I tested, and kept an eye out for durability concerns. The smaller models may have 3 or 4 color choices but most of the larger models only come in white.Where Yeti makes up for some of this is in their impressive selection of specialty coolers with a team and school logos. And we can confidently say that anybody who decides to go with a Yeti Ice Chest won’t be disappointed.TheCoolerZone tests and reviews various coolers to find the best products for you. Want us to test out soft-sided coolers? They are known to provide a complete variety of sizes and shapes in these cooler products for the customers. Also, base color options are quite lacking. To prevent this kind of problem, Yeti presents the advanced T-Rex Lid latches.Due to the use of these latches, you will find the features of.In most of the coolers, the Hinge system is another week point because of the breaking and warping chances. Most of the coolers that I tested were, but some took things even further. Less ice meant more of a challenge for the coolers, which would hopefully give us a more granular look at how well they perform relative to one another.Among high-end, rotomolded coolers that cost hundreds of dollars, the Yeti Tundra 45 (pink) still reigns supreme -- but note that Cabela's Polar Cap Equalizer Cooler (green) actually managed to notch a lower minimum temperature. And they recently rolled out (pun intended) with a wheeled cooler that they call the Tundra Haul.In terms of the shape and aesthetic additions on the body of a Yeti Ice Chest, they are quite tame. From the Tundra Series that started it all to their newer Silo and Tank models, Yeti continues to push the envelope in cooling performance and reliability. Why elevated? If anything, the cheaper models were mostly conservative in their estimates, with ones like the,The expensive guys? You will find the excellent features of cooling and insulation with highly durable and top quality design in these cooler products. I wish the Tundra 45 offered more capacity for the price, but if you just want the cooler that'll keep your ice frozen the longest, this is the one.Pelican's rotomolded coolers come in a wide range of great-looking colors, and each comes with a lifetime warranty -- they're worth a look if you just want something eye-catching.If you want a cooler that feels modern and fancy, but you aren't ready to dish out hundreds of dollars for a rotomolded model, consider the.The Lifetime cooler isn't rotomolded, but that's the kind of aesthetic that it offers. Apart from that, Yeti Tundra coolers come with Pressure-injected Permafrost insulation which keeps the ice frozen for days. When readers buy our reviewed picks, we earn affiliate commissions that help to support the site.premium cooler that hopes to compete at the highest level,Rubbermaid DuraChill Wheeled Cooler Review,Yeti Coolers and the NRA: Everything You Need to Know,6 Signs It Might Be Time For a New Cooler,Pink Yeti Coolers, Red, Blue and Many More,Best Floating Cooler for River, Lake, Ocean, and More. When it comes to finding the complete range of cooler designs, Yeti is always in the top position in the market. Unfortunately, their asking price isn’t one of them. If you are planning to go on an outdoor trip, you will find a perfect solution to carry your food and drinks in a perfectly designed cooler.When it comes to knowing about some of the best models of coolers with a hard or soft design, you can always find the best range of the products with YETI. It will be good to go with Yeti products because they will provide you the freedom to choose the desired size, capacity, and high durability products in your budget. Here is the detailed YETI cooler review to explore its features as explained below:When it comes to know about one of the most important as well as weak points in any kind of cooler, it will be the latches. 2. Apart from determining how many cans of beer each one will hold, size and shape will obviously have an impact on performance, too. I tested the Hopper M30 , and liked that it came standard with tight seals that kept cold in and heat out, is made of durable materials, and has an attractive look. YETI is a well-known American company that manufactures a wide range of hard and soft coolers for campers, hikers, adventurers, fishermen, sportspersons, and anyone who wants to keep things cold during any outdoor trip. After 48 hours, it was the only cooler that still hadn't returned to room temperature.You'll want to check out my full review of this bear resistant, heavy duty cooler to get a better sense of just how badly it smoked the competition, but a good analogy would be a horse that separates itself from the pack early on and wins its race in a breakaway finish. YETI is a premium brand that offers quality coolers at a premium price. It is available with the advanced features like T-Rex lid latches, Never-fail Hinge system, cold lock gasket, interlock lead system, durable handles, barefoot non-slip feet and lip grip handles for the users. I'll update this periodically.Cabela's cooler finished in a dead heat with last year's rotomolded champ, the Orca Classic Cooler. All of that adds up to a lot of value -- enough so that the MaxCold earned an overall score of 8.2 here on CNET, higher than any other cooler I've reviewed.Looking for a rotomolded value? You can easily trust the quality because of the 5-year warranty on these products by YETI.Last update on 2020-09-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.You may feel difficulty to add or remove items to the product of YETI Hooper series.YETI Roadie coolers are quite heavy and very expensive as compared to competitors.You will feel the same heavyweight with YETI Tundra series and it is also expensive for the customers. Color Choices. That's 13.5 percent bigger than advertised.To that end, I carefully filled each cooler with water, measuring out the exact number of quarts each one could hold before I was no longer able to close the lid without spilling. I wasn't terribly impressed with the performance as compared with other rotomolded coolers, but the brand offers one of the best ranges of color options that you'll find as you shop, and most of the colors don't cost anything extra. In such cases, you will find the Yeti Hooper portable cooler very effective. These coolers can provide top-rated designs in a big collection for all kinds of customers.To make your choice easier, here is the detailed YETI cooler review:When it comes to getting the complete range of premium coolers, you will find options to choose from soft coolers and hard cooler designs made with the superior quality material. And just like the Recool, the.Between this year and last year, I've tested a total of 18 hard coolers, aiming always for a mix of low-end, high-end and in between, as well as a mix of wheeled and nonwheeled options. These coolers are designed to last!As for features, there are a few notable ones but Yeti falls a bit short compared to some of the other premium cooler brands out there. When it comes to providing good sealing effects, this gasket design works excellently in Yeti coolers.Because of the use of thick rubber material, it provides the excellent features of sealing and protects the internal cooling of the cooler for a long time. It's also bigger than both of those pricier options, coming in at a bigger-than-advertised 62.4 quarts. Even if you will check Yeti cooler review with top experts, you will find that it is available with excellent features to provide superior cooling for 7 to 8 days.Now, you will be able to make your choice according to the required capacity because of a long-range of designs is available in Tundra Series. Storage volume is around,With such a huge selection of coolers to choose from, it is no surprise that Yeti also has many,No matter what type of Yeti Cooler you go with, you will enjoy,And to help tap into the power of these thick walls, all Yeti hard-sided coolers will come equipped with a,The other necessary component of a great lid-to-body seal is an,Attached to the bottom of these ice chests are,In addition to the lid latches and roto-molded construction are the,Yeti stands behind their products with their impressive,For those who prefer to take advantage of other carrying methods, the Yeti Tundra also has,And for those after increased levels of mobility, the,And while we are on the topic of the Yeti Silo Cooler, it has an additional feature that helps it to thrive much better than other coolers that have been converted into drinking coolers. When it comes to keeping your stuff protected, it is available with one of the toughest and highly durable Zip. While they do excel in performance and reliability, their features and color choices could use a bit of an update.But we can’t deny the reputation and respect that the Yeti brand symbolizes. The best we've seen from a pure performance standpoint comes from Yeti -- but the extra-thick walls of that heavy-duty cooler mean that you're getting seriously shortchanged on inches and capacity (more on that in just a bit).Out of the rest of the rotomolded field, our top durable performers for insulation were the.The rotomolded RTIC 65 didn't perform as well as the Yeti, Cabela's or Orca models, but with roughly a 73-quart capacity, it also had a bigger job on its hands than those three. They manufacture three different types of coolers: 1. It is known to provide additional protection and support because of its inbuilt design. It only promises 12 hours of ice retention, and at 18 quarts, it doesn't offer room for much more than six cans or so -- but hey, that's still enough for a quick day trip to the beach with a buddy. That meant putting those manufacturer capacity claims to the test, and I wanted a better, more universal metric than just counting how many cans I could cram into each one.I was able to fill the Lifetime High Performance Cooler with 62.4 quarts of water without causing it to overflow when I shut the lid. YETI provides a 5-year warranty on all the products of Yeti Tundra, Yeti Roadie, Yeti ICE, Yeti TANK, and Yeti Rambler coolers and a 3-year warranty on the Yeti Hopper series.Additionally, most of these cooler products are.Before making the selection in any of these products, you would like to get detailed information about the key features of Yeti coolers. The,Something else to think about: whether or not your cooler is sturdy enough to sit on, something that comes in handy when you're out camping. We only had the budget and the time to acquire and test so many coolers, so some brands of note like OtterBox and Ozark Hills didn't make the cut. Many brands will proudly display their ice retention rate in hours or days while Yeti seems to simply say that,To test this, we decided to put them through some of our,If you have visited our site before, you may have seen our huge write up on.As you probably would have guessed, there is a huge range in how long ice lasts. Depending on which size you go with and the conditions you put it in, you can anticipate anywhere from approximately 50 hours to 325 hours of ice life.From a construction and reliability standpoint, Yeti can’t be beaten. You will get the option to choose from small and easy to carry Roadie 20 and Hopper 20 designs to the large-sized Tundra 350 that is available to match the large-sized needs of the customers.Despite the size, they are also providing different options to the customers to choose from various capacity options when you want to carry your drinks or food in these coolers. But this does come at an extremely high asking price that may be more than many people want to spend on a cooler.But for those that are able and willing to do so, you will enjoy an investment that will last for many years and should help absorb some of the high initial costs.Yeti Coolers are constantly expanding and currently house the largest selection of hard-sided coolers you will find anywhere. Currently available for $326, it's about as close to a value pick as you'll find among rotomolded coolers.If you just want a dependable cooler that's not too expensive, put the.The MaxCold's plasticky build and dated design aren't anything fancy to look at, but it covers the basics by including a drainage spout and a latch for the lid (not every cooler in this price range does). Stick with an old-fashioned cooler like the ones I recommend above, and that isn't something you'll need to worry about.Did we miss a cooler that you're interested in? It will provide excellent cooling features for days. I'll add that the Pelican cooler is one of the only models we've tested that comes with a lifetime warranty.You've got lots of options if you want a wheeled cooler, but if it were me, I'd save up and plunk down $400 for the,On top of that, I like the included removable fabric wagon bin and the plastic dry bin that helps you keep your food and beverages separate from wet ice. The Hopper coolers are manufactured in China.YETI Coolers are available in various places. This is something that few other cooler brands have managed to achieve. I mean, it's not like we have a portable refrigerator on our hands here, but it keeps cans COLD. It is available with tough design and you will find good insulation futures to keep your foods protected for days when you are going outdoors on an adventure trip. When it comes to getting the complete range of premium coolers, you will find options to choose from soft coolers and hard cooler designs made with the superior quality material. They manufacture three different types of coolers:Everyone has different needs and requirements while going to travel outdoors and carry cooler to contain foods and drinks safely. Whether you are looking for a portable sized cooler with a capacity of 21 cans or you are searching for a large-sized cooler with a capacity of 259 cans, a complete range is available to meet the requirements of every customer. This is thanks to a multitude of features. In this.YETI is an American company based in Austin, Texas. This feature can come in handy at any time. In terms of size selection, Yeti simply can’t be beaten. And can any of the cheaper ones keep up?That's what I wanted to know, so I zeroed in on large, hard-sided coolers and turned to the usual suspects --.Get smart home reviews and ratings, video reviews, buying guides, prices and comparisons from CNET.After several weeks of hands-on testing and countless ambient temperature readings, we were ready to separate the winners from the also-rans. Not quite so much. When it comes to knowing about some of the negatives of Yeti coolers here are some points for the customers:Well, there are hundreds of coolers available on the market. Because of the superior build quality and durability, it will also provide the bear-resistant feature that is excellent for the safety of your food during the outdoor Adventures to enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty.When researching for the Yeti coolers on the market you will find a lot of positives about the build quality, design, and reliability. Now, you do not need to worry about the durability, size, shape, and capacity of a cooler to carry anywhere with you. You can purchase Yeti Coolers with your favorite school or team logo printed right on the lid. This allows all Yeti hard-sided coolers to be IGBC Grizzly Bear certified and also comes with an impressive 5-year warranty. These are Yeti’s standard hard-sided coolers and come in a huge size range. 2. They have a complete collection of hard coolers, soft coolers, drink-ware, cooler bags, and buckets.YETI has a good reputation in the market for being a leading manufacturer of premium coolers. Like latches, it is also one of the most used and movable components used in the coolers and you never want to face any kind of problem in it.To make it better for the users, Yeti provided the inbuilt design of hinge in the body. YETI is known to produce top quality products because of their reputation in the market. They can understand the needs of their customers and they try to produce products of various sizes. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission.© CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.Discuss: Best coolers in 2020: Cabela, Igloo, Yeti, Coleman and more,Best sunscreens for 2020: Neutrogena, EltaMD, Supergoop and more,Read the full Igloo MaxCold Cooler review,Read the full Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler review,Read the full Lifetime High Performance Cooler review,Read the full Rovr Rollr 60 Cooler review,Ohana passed our tests with flying colors,Cabela's Polar Cap Equalizer Cooler (60 quarts) -- $300,Lifetime High Performance Cooler (55 quarts claimed, 62.4 quarts measured) -- $97,Coleman Xtreme Marine Cooler (70 quarts claimed, 76.1 quarts measured) -- $50,RTIC 65 Cooler (65 quarts claimed, 72.9 quarts measured) -- $231,Coleman Xtreme Wheeled Cooler (50 quarts claimed, 58.1 quarts measured) -- $45,Rovr Rollr 60 Wheeled Cooler (52.8 quarts) -- $400,Lifetime High Performance Cooler (55 quarts) -- $97,production delays and decidedly unhappy customers,the comments on the Infinite Cooler's Indiegogo campaign. But missing are things such as fish rulers, built-in bottle openers, and pressure release valves.Yeti does make up some additional slack thanks to their enormous selection of accessories. You can purchase directly from the.As per the YETI cooler review, there are so many options available for the customers. If you have a deep pocketbook and are willing to spend extra for the very best, then Yeti is the way to go. If you are going to use the small and handy sized Yeti Hopper or Yeti Roadie coolers, you will find the ice retention time of 3 to 4 days with it.In the large-sized Yeti Tundra series, they are providing the ice retention time of 5 to 7 days for the users. It comes with a high-flow.That being said, some features are noticeably missing on Yeti Coolers.So we have gone over many of the Yeti hard-sided cooler features and accessories,Yeti is surprisingly quiet on how long they believe their ice chests will hold ice. In fact, after 24 hours in a climate-controlled room set to 70 degrees, the Yeti was the only cooler that still had ice in it. It also provides excellent cold cell insulation because of the used closed cell rubber foam in it. You will also enjoy great performance and more accessories than you know what to do with. It is always a big challenge for the companies to provide reliable and excellent quality of handles to meet the heavyweight challenges of these coolers.When it comes to checking information about handles in Yeti cooler, you will find that they did an excellent job here too. The Tundra coolers are manufactured in the USA and the Philippines. You can choose between the Yeti Tundra Series, the Yeti Roadie Series, the Yeti Tank Series, and the Yeti Silo Series. A conversation about premium coolers is rarely completed without mentioning “,Before we get into our huge discussion of the many different types of Yeti Coolers, check out our table below that lists what we feel are the,The Yeti Tundra is where it all started.

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