[61], The French suffered casualties of 2,241 men killed, 8,162 wounded and 1,460 missing from 23 to 26 October, 10 per cent of the casualties of the attacks during the Nivelle Offensive in April and May. For centuries stone-cutters had tunnelled into the ridge; the sides and summits of the plateaux were studded with workings, often 9.1–12.2 m (30–40 ft) underground and many, like the Dragon's Cave beneath the Hurtebise Finger, were connected to the surface by tunnels. Since the Chemin-des-Dames ridge was honeycombed with large limestone caves and quarries, adequate artillery preparation was indispensable. [49], At noon, the 7th Army headquarters concluded that the loss of Allemant, Vaudesson, Chavignon and Malmaison, made it necessary to hold the lines from Pinon to Chavignon and to form a new line from there to Malmaison; it was also decided to withdraw the artillery from the Pinon Forest. Casemate Mougin | Identificador descriptiu; Codi postal: 02190 : Fus horari: UTC+01:00 UTC+02:00. September 1878, die Fertigstellung erfolgte 1882. [58] The attacks at Verdun in August and at Malmaison were compared with the failures of the Nivelle Offensive and were used to produce L’instruction sur l’action offensive des grands unités dans la bataille (Instruction on Offensive Action of Large Units in Battle [31 October 1917]). The German artillery south of the Ailette had little effect, because of losses to French counter-battery fire, lack of ammunition, lack of communication and loss of observation; the artillery on the north side of the river, was only able to fire after observation officers were sent forward to report. [8], In the Second Battle of the Aisne (16 April – 9 May), the French failed to achieve their strategic objective of a breakthrough and a return to a war of movement but captured tactically important ground and inflicted many casualties on the German defenders. Having secured both sides of the Soissons–Laon road, from the Fruty Quarry to the point where the Chemin-des-Dames branches off eastwards, the XXI Corps divisions were to attack Malmaison Farm and the Tranchée de la Dame (Lady Trench) between the farm and Fort de la Malmaison. Vancia | Das Ergebnis war eindeutig, keine der bis 1870 errichteten Befestigungen konnte der neuen Munitionsart standhalten. Es war daher notwendig, Betonverstärkungen aufzutragen. Behind the six attacking divisions and two regiments of the flanking divisions, six more divisions waited to nettoyer (clean up) and consolidate the captured ground. [57] In four days, the French had advanced 9.7 km (6 mi) and forced the Germans from the plateau of the Chemin des Dames to the north bank of the Ailette valley. [22] Reserve positions in the salient ran north-east and the front position had insufficient depth, as it lay partly on and partly behind the Chemin-des-Dames ridge, which had a convex slope at the top. During the battle, Müller was reinforced by the 6th Division from Galicia and by elements of four other divisions. [51], Defence in depth was not possible in the area of Group Vailly, which held positions on the edge of the hog's back ridge of the Chemin-des-Dames, south of the Ailette. Souville | The advance was resumed by the right wing, as the left flank units halted on a line from Vallée Guerbette, to a point 460 m (500 yd) north of Allemant. The salient facing the Ailette was over 4.8 km (3 mi) wide, into which artillery could be moved, using the vast Montparnasse and the other quarries as ammunition dumps. 40 km entfernten deutschen Kriegsgräberstätte Fort-de-Malmaison. Posted by The Times Report in European theatre, Italian Front, Naval warfare, Western Front ≈ Leave a comment. On the right, the 43rd Division attacked downhill on both sides of the Soissons–Laon road, to the Montparnasse Quarry on the left side of the road, level with Vaudesson against the Bois des Hoinets and the west end of Chavignon village. Search: Tag Archives: Battle of La Malmaison October 23, 1917. Flor de Vetus 2017. East of the road, the French defences on either side of Cerny and on both sides of the Hurtebise Monument, were attacked; near Laffaux the Germans recovered some ground. The Chiefs of Staff of the defeated groups were sacked and it was agreed with Army Group German Crown Prince, that the Bunzelwitz Bewegung (Bunzelwitz Manoeuvre) should begin on 26 October. Much of the narrative is derived from the translation of a French original, in which the French custom of describing events from left to right was observed. 40 km entfernten deutschen Kriegsgräberstätte Fort-de-Malmaison. Chemin des Dames-FR-02-cimetière allemand de La Malmaison … Public. Gebirgsjägerbataillon) besetzt. From Bois de la Veau on the right, massed machine-gun fire was encountered but the surviving Zouaves, reached the remains of the counterscarp and entered the ruins of the fort. The garrisons changed position but rarely found a spot not under bombardment. Während der Kampfhandlungen wurde es weitgehend zerstört. [59], The French success at La Malmaison prevented Hindenburg and Ludendorff from further reinforcing the Austro-Hungarians in Italy and assisted the surprise gained by the British at the Battle of Cambrai (20 November – 7 December). Groupement II (three groupes of Schneider tanks with two wireless tanks) to attack strongpoints in stages up to the final objectives, 1.9 mi (3 km) distant and groupement X (two groupes of Saint Chamond tanks and two wireless tanks). On 25 May, three German columns attacked a salient north-west of Bray-en-Laonnois and gained a footing in the French first trench, before being forced out by a counter-attack. On 17 October, the French preliminary bombardment for the offensive at La Malmaison began and the next day the German communiqué read. [a] Zero hour had been set for 5:45 a.m. but a German message, ordering the front garrisons to be ready at 5:30 a.m. was intercepted and the French start time was moved forward to 5:15 a.m. [51] The Oberste Heeresleitung (OHL, Supreme Army Command) received a broadcast from the Eiffel Tower, in which the French announced the capture of 8,000 prisoners and 25 heavy guns, then mistakenly reported that the canal had been crossed near Anizy, which caused a temporary panic in OHL that the Ailette position and the Siegfriedstellung (Hindenburg Line) had been outflanked. Rain began to fall at 6:00 a.m. and the 63 attached Schneider CA1 and Saint-Chamond tanks were impeded by mud and 27 bogged behind the French front line. September 1918 während der Zweiten Marneschlacht den Franzosen überlassen und vom 28e bataillon de chasseurs alpins (28. Malgré un niveau de pertes conséquent, elle conforte l’image de Pétain économe de la … La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 9 octobre 2017 à 15:20. On the morning of 1 June, after an extensive bombardment, German troops took some trenches north of Laffaux Mill and were then pushed out by a counter-attack in the afternoon. [15][b], Fort de la Malmaison lay on the Chemin-des-Dames ridge and had been built as part of an entrenched camp north of the Aisne, in the Séré de Rivières system, designed by General Raymond Adolphe Séré de Rivières and built from the 1870s. [42], The 66th Division was to swing eastwards and form a defensive flank on the east slopes of the plateau, to defend against counter-attacks, while the 38th Division and the XXI Corps divisions on the left, descended from the plateau to the plain of the Ailette. The advance was cautious, due to fear that caves and tunnels had been mined but by the morning of 3 November, the French had advanced on a 21 km (13 mi) front to the south bank of the Ailette. La Malmaison ist eine französische Gemeinde mit 410 Einwohnern (Stand 1. The density of the French creeping barrage was such, that the attack on Allemant was preceded by sixteen shells per minute, per 100 m (110 yd) of front. Dort ruhen 11.841 deutsche Gefallene aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. [34], Ceaseless explosions and concussion from shell bursts at the mouths of caverns caused rock falls and spread thick clouds of dust. [24], On 15 September, the 7th Army had c. 168 aircraft against 300 French but the Army Group headquarters delayed the dispatch of more air units until mid-October, having expected attacks elsewhere and had also reinforced the Flanders front. [43], The 66th Division captured 2,500 prisoners, 15 guns, several trench mortars and a number of machine-guns. Due to a lack of manpower, constant French artillery-fire and the autumn rains, the condition of the German defences was poor and in some places, only narrow trenches and shell-hole positions existed. Erbaut wurde es als Folge des verlorenen Krieges gegen Deutschland und der damit verbundenen Grenzverschiebungen nach Westen. Revère | [14] North of Vauclerc Mill, the Germans captured the French first line but were pushed back by a counter-attack; German detachments probing between the Hurtebise Spur and the south of La Royère were also repulsed. Longchamp | The French pressed on and drove the Germans from Bois de la Garenne and the open ground on its right. By the evening, the German line ran from the plateau east of Vauxaillon, along the Pinonriegel north of Vaudesson and Chavignon, to the high ground of the ridge south-west of Pargny and then connected to the old position. Müller had taken precautions against a retreat and French air reconnaissance reported that fruit trees and farms in the Ailette valley were being destroyed and artillery was being moved to the high ground about Monampteuil, to enfilade the French if they took the west end of the Chemin-des-Dames ridge and descended towards the Ailette. The Germans on the Mont des Singes and in Pinon with the Ailette at their backs, were menaced from the south and the west. Dijon | Bruissin | Mont Verdun | Fort de la Malmaison (02) - mercredi 18 octobre 2017 Un camp de reconstitution, avec un char Saint-Chamond, des démonstrations de tir au canon, la visite guidée gratuite du fort, une marche en tenue d'époque et une cérémonie d'hommage, les 21 et 22 octobre 2017, rendez-vous aux abords du fort de La Malmaison, à Chavignon (02000) pour le centenaire de la bataille de La Malmaison ! La Malmaison. L’offensive de La Malmaison, survenue du 17 au 25 octobre 1917, est présentée comme le contraire de l’offensive Nivelle du mois d’avril sur le front du Chemin des Dames. Avant 6 h 30, le fort de La Malmaison est pris par un bataillon du 4e Zouaves: ce n’est plus depuis longtemps qu’un amas de ruines mais l’effet psychologique de cette action est considérable. Le plus gros canon tirait des obus de 40 kg à une distance de 9 km. The magnitude of the defeat, after the severity of the losses at Messines Ridge, Verdun and Ypres, showed that carefully prepared attacks against German defences in tactically unfavourable positions could inflict costly defeats. Oktober 1887 wurde das vom Nachfolger Boulangers, Théophile Ferron, mit der Note Nr. Baubeginn war der 1. Positions held by the 14th Division in Group Crépy and those of the 13th Division and 2nd Guard Division in Group Vailly were quickly reduced to crater-fields. The 28th and 27th divisions were then to descend into the ravine of Allemant, capture the quarry and ruins of Allemant, the Allemant plateau and the strong points between the German first and second positions. By 9:00 a.m., the division had advanced between Fanion Trench, the east end of the German second position and Lützen Trench. There was a clear view northwards from the fort over the Ailette, along the lower edge of the west side of the Forest of Coucy and past the village of Brancourt; to the east were two groups of hills round Anizy, on the north bank of the Ailette. 1 April 2004, 07:09 AM. Laon was about 13 km (8 mi) distant and visible at the end of the valley of the Ardon, which joins the Ailette north of Chavignon. North-east of Soissons the lively fighting activity, which has lasted for days past, developed to an artillery battle, which, since early yesterday, has continued with only short intervals from the Ailette region as far as Braye. Droit d'auteur: les textes sont disponibles sous licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions; d’autres conditions peuvent s’appliquer.Voyez les conditions d’utilisation pour plus de détails, ainsi que les crédits graphiques. Ferdinand Grohs war der Bruder von Richard Grohs, den ich als nächstes vorstellen werde. Saint-Cyr | Chavignon was captured at 1:00 p.m. but a German counter-attack temporarily retook the north-eastern corner and little ground was lost by the 5th Guard Division further east. 8,95 € 8,06 €-+-10% ★ 4.5. [2] The Nivelle offensive involved c. 1.2 million French and British troops and 7,000 artillery pieces on fronts between Reims and Roye, after preliminary offensives at Arras and St. Quentin. Belfort | La Malmaison település Franciaországban, Aisne megyében.Lakosainak száma 410 fő (2017. január 1.). The German 7th Army conducted the Bunzelwitz Bewegung (Bunzelwitz Manoeuvre), a retirement from the Chemin-des-Dames to the north bank of the Ailette on the night of 1/2 November. The situation on the front of Group Vailly was much worse, on the left flank of the 13th Division and part of the 2nd Guard Division front, no front line was recognisable. Belleville | 1. Tavannes | Bourlémont | On 5 May, the French had captured Laffaux Mill, Chateau de la Motte, Fruty and Allemant quarries but the Germans had recaptured much of the ground during the Battle of the Observatories. [46], On 25 October, the new front line ran from Vauxaillon, north of Mont des Singes, to the Canal de l'Oise à l'Aisne near Anizy, then north of Pinon and Rosay forests, south-eastwards to the west end of the Bassin d'alimentation, up to the Chemin-des-Dames ridge east of Pargny-Filain and Filain. The 75th Regiment captured Fruty Quarry and took Mont de Laffaux, ready to attack the village from the south, to take the strong points in it systematically. Château de Malmaison) in Rueil-Malmaison westlich von Paris war Wohnsitz von Kaiser Napoleon und seiner Frau Joséphine. [1] Am 13. From 20 to 21 September, a German attack south of the Arbre de Cerny and at the neck joining the Casemates to the Californie Plateau failed and on the night of 12/13 October, Thuringian stormtroops attacked between the western edge of the Hurtebise Finger and the French positions in the plain east of Craonne. The 28th Division arrived almost simultaneously at the western edge of the Allemant ravine, which forced many German soldiers back into both hollows with many casualties. The night of 23/24 October was quiet and during the day, only minor skirmishing took place, as the French consolidated. An hour earlier, the 1st Chasseur Battalion had advanced from Montparnasse Quarry and taken the west end Chavignon. Condé | Insgesamt ruhen auf diesem am 21.08.1965 eingeweihten deutschen Soldatenfriedhof im landschaftlichen Gebiet der Ile de France über 11.841 gefallene Angehörige der ehemaligen deutschen Wehrmacht. Bondues | Assuming success, the Mont des Singes spur would be outflanked to the east and the Malmaison spur to the west. Juli 2017 ging es nach Einnahme der Frühstücksverpflegung das erste Mal zur ca. The ground taken by the Sixth Army increased the difficulties of the Germans in the spring offensives of 1918. There the German trenches ran eastwards below the Fruty Quarry, crossed the road and ascended to the southern edge of the Malmaison plateau at Mennejean Farm. Arches | [36], At Bois de St. Guillain, between Allemant and the Laffaux–Pinon ravine, at 9:15 a.m., the 140th Regiment was stopped by fire from machine-gun nests, until French tanks crawled up and knocked them out. The Reichsarchiv historians recorded 18,000 casualties, of whom 10,000 were missing. [7] By 16 May, the British had captured 254 German guns but had not broken through. At 1:00 p.m., reconnaissance flights revealed that the French had dug in at some points. The French infantry reached the edge of the Laffaux–Pinon ravine, at the junction with the Allemant ravine, which ran downwards to the west of Pinon. On 30 October, a German counter-attack near Cerny was also repulsed. By mid-day Cerny was occupied, Cortecon was entered at 3:00 p.m. and Ailles at 7:00 p.m., which the Germans then bombarded with mustard-gas shell. Das mala-mansio wird im 6. Vaux | Hirson | On the night of 2/3 June, two German divisions made five attacks on the east, west and central parts of the Californie Plateau and the west end of the Vauclerc Plateau. Bois de Veau was entered but the division was not able to advance down the slopes to Pargny-Filain. The salient formed at Anizy was the area most vulnerable to attack and the Army Group reinforced Group Crépy with the 14th Reserve and 103rd divisions. The offensive had been intended to capture high ground from the Mont des Singes to the Californie Plateau above Craonne and be economical in infantry, rather than break through the German fortified zone. Offizielle Ford Homepage – entdecken Sie die neuesten Angebote für Ford PKWs & Nutzfahrzeug, Neuwagen, Gebrauchtwagen, Probefahrten, Konfigurator. To avoid alerting the French, no demolitions of shelters, tunnels and pillboxes were made and a screen of machine-gunners and riflemen was left on the summit of the ridge to fire until just before dawn. Had the 7th Army retained the western end of the ridge, the French at the east end and between the ridge and the Aisne, would have been highly vulnerable to a simultaneous attack. Armee), wurde dann aber endgültig am 28. Belrupt | [3] Zum Haupteingang führte eine abwerfbare Brücke. Im Ersten Weltkrieg diente er als Obergefreiter und wurde am 05.06.1940 in Contreville, Frankreich getötet. Sartelles | jempie. On the same day, a German raid to the south-east of Vauxaillon was repulsed, as was one in the Cerny region during the night of 1/2 September. Ein freier Zugang ist nicht gestattet. The 13th and 43rd divisions of XXI Corps and the 38th Division advanced simultaneously down the Malmaison heights, with tank support on the flanks, towards the edge of the plain south of the Ailette. Should they and Chavignon be lost, it was unlikely that the Germans could remain on the southern slopes of the Chemin-des-Dames east of the Chevrégny Spur. Razimont | At 5:15 a.m., the advance began and only traces of the first two German trenches were found. 410 (2017) • Densitat: 16,01 hab/km² : Geografia; Superfície: 25,61 km² : Limita amb: Amifontaine Lor Nizy-le-Comte Prouvais Proviseux-et-Plesnoy Sissonne Villers-devant-le-Thour. Villeras | Home; Read from the beginning ; About the project; The Diary On Tour; Report an issue; Diary of the Great War. A defensive flank was established from Moisy Farm across the plateau, to prevent a counter-attack from the Mont des Singes. Toulbroc’h | [28][d], Group Vailly, had four divisions between Moisy and La Royère farms and three on the northern slopes of the heights. [10] In a lull from 9 May to 20 August, more German divisions were depleted than at Verdun the previous year. Croix-de-Bretagne | XIV Corps was to capture the German first position, from Moisy Farm to Laffaux Mill, Mennejean Farm and the Fruty Quarry, by taking the ridge above Laffaux, from Moisy Farm to a neck of ground linking it to the Malmaison plateau. South of Fort de la Malmaison, in the centre of the plateau closer to the French lines, lay the huge Bohery Quarry, where the ground began to slope steeply down towards the Aisne valley. Montboucons | Die Geschütze waren auf den Geschützplacements aufgestellt, die durch Hohltraversen getrennt waren. [33] The weather on 17 October was clear and French aircraft made a coordinated attack on German observation balloons. Champvillard | [49], In Group Crépy, the 14th Division managed to form a continuous line along the Pinonriegel, to the original position on the right flank and no French attack ensued; at 2:45 p.m. the Group headquarters ordered the withdrawal of the remaining artillery, south of the canal. Even long-range 200 mm (8 in) naval guns near Pinon, were later found to be without ammunition. Deutsche Soldatenfriedhof Fort de Malmaison, https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Fort_de_la_Malmaison&oldid=193303693, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Observatoire cuirassé | [44], While the German 7th Army occupied the Mont des Singes, Laffaux, Allemant and Malmaison plateaux, the French positions north of the Aisne were vulnerable to attack and the alternative for the French was to fall back behind the Aisne. In Group Vailly to the east, the ZbV 54 (special duties) headquarters (Lieutenant-General Max von Müller), defended its sector with the 13th Division, 2nd Division, 5th Guards Division and the right flank units of the 47th Reserve Division. Dans le cadre du Centenaire de la bataille de La Malmaison, la Médiathèque de l'architecture et du patrimoine (MAP) a retrouvé dans ses archives une sélection de photographies réalisées par l'Armée française entre le 23 et le 27 octobre 1917. Where the thickness of the roof was too great for one shell, a salvo falling about the same spot gradually reduced the layer of rock, until it was thin enough to be penetrated. "Historiques des Regiments 14/18 et ses 5000 Photos: Les Offensives d'avril 1917", "The Battle of Malmaison, 23–26 October 1917: A Masterpiece of Tactics", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Battle_of_La_Malmaison&oldid=976870124, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 September 2020, at 15:17. Pétain issued a communiqué on the evening of 23 October, announcing that the Sixth Army had taken more than 7,500 prisoners and an enormous quantity of equipment, including 25 heavy and field guns. At 7:00 p.m., two battalions of French infantry and a battalion of Chasseurs advanced behind a creeping barrage and a shrapnel bombardment, with double barrages along each flank. Media in category "Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof Fort de Malmaison" The following 16 files are in this category, out of 16 total.

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