If you didn’t finish Tiger Mastery earlier, make sure to do that before reaching camp. Sell junk and repair before leaving town. Keep killing trolls in the ruins until Skullsplitter Tusks and Split Bone Necklaces are both finished. Follow it to enter The Hinterlands. Once you’re finished, go southwest around the mountain to get back to Shindigger’s Camp. Take a flight to Booty Bay. Run north a little ways until you find a goblin shredder from which you should accept the quest: Start running to the south towards the tower in the middle of the water. Head south through the jungle back to Grom’gol Base Camp. At this point, you should definitely get a group for Maraudon for loot and quests. For the charms, go deeper into the village until you find a stone arch that leads to a cave. Fight through and enter Shadow Hold. Both logs are guarded by three nagas. Tauren characters will need to pick up the flight path for Orgrimmar. Otherwise, you’ll find a number of the quests in the next section to be a bit overwhelming. I hope that’s helpful. What’s the point of picking up power stones and solution to doom at level 40 if it never tells us to do Uldaman? chapter 15 of lvl 25 have a typo in it, I think you meant lvl 26? Great guide nonetheless! But never say to accept this quest. Just a heads up. Run along the road going north. It’s been fixed, so thank you very much for catching that. Use your hearthstone to return to Undercity. Follow it and kill all the wolves and bears you see. Head down into the crypt now. Follow it to the north and kill. Burn that too and then return to the lodge entrance. Do it around 60.35. You just have to stay on the road and look around for (stealthy) enemies. 0. There is no sugar coating it; leveling will take a long time. Once entering Feralas, head west to the ruins. Follow the road all the way east to the river. Turn in. Run south back to the road and start following it east. Look for a treant running around and kill it. Then run west. When you see gorillas on the right, head over there and kill them. Kill them until Are We There, Yeti? Repeat this until Screecher Spirits is done. Go north from the camp until you find two buildings. Once in Dustwallow Marsh, follow the road northeast to reach Brackenwall Village. Classic WoW Class Leveling Guides If you have your route set out, but want more tips on playing your class from 1-60, check out our Classic WoW Leveling Guides. Follow it and enter the cave you find. Continue killing golems to finish The Rise of the Machines. Feel free to swim southwest back to the coast once you have it. Click on the rug to finish Elixir of Agony. “Exit the lake via the north coast. until you need 10,000 experience to reach level 43. Kill all loot all the dwarves there. If you’re a tauren or undead. Keep killing harpies in the Roguefeather Den until you need just 4,000 experience to reach level 32. Use your hearthstone to return to Camp Mojache. Enter the lake you see there and find. You can also grind on the wyverns in Highperch. Following the guide since level 01. Run north from here until you find a cave filled with cultists. Once you arrive, turn in. Through Dun Algaz, enter Loch Modan. Classic World of Warcraft 1-60 Leveling Guide by Navak, Egregious, Ayle, Defcamp & Kargoz. Keep going along the mountains to find Thorium Point. Look for a pool of water near here and use your, . After collecting all three sets of quest items, run north to find some guarded nests. Use your swim speed and/or underwater breathing potions now. . Go along the path, killing the goblins to finish Venture Company Mining. Along the way, kill any wolves that attack you, stealthed or not. Jump back on the road and follow it north to The Twin Colossals again. Try to pull Ironhill without any additional dwarves and kill him. You should also try and purchase a. . Return west back to the road. Don’t go inside the lodge, but instead run around it by going west. Along the shore do Seeping Corruption. no way can that quest be worth the XP. Cross this bridge and find the last chest with a note inside. Head to the Drag and turn in. Return to the road and keep going west across it. Take the southwest path out of the town to enter The Charred Vale. Kill the gnoll, Now run south of the left colossal to find, Get on the road now and follow as it curves south, then east to Camp Mojache. . Kill and loot. Again thanks for helping us to improve the guide. Look near the southwest corner of it for an egg. The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! Go just south to find. When you find them, start running north along the mountains until you find Northwatch Hold. Head to Elder Rise and turn in, Now get on a flight to Marshall’s Refuge. Cross the bridge and loot the note from the chest. Head north from Grom’gol until you find a hill in between two ruins. Clear out your bags and repair before leaving town. Kill the raptors surrounding them, then use your Sunscale Feather on the nest. Got it, thank you. You will see a class menu at the top of the screen for those guides. Run south and hug the wall to your right. Go behind the crypt and use the dirt to turn in, Now go north past the road to Marris Stead. Love the guide been a huge help. using the yellow dots on your minimap as guidance. Fight your way to the moonwell here, then use your, Head east to the road and follow it south to the Emerald Sanctuary. Go southeast along the road until you see Kormek’s Hut. While leveling, your time spent can be put into three categories: combat, downtime, and travel. Run northwest to the road and follow it into Felwood. Look for some fighting ghosts and swim towards them. Go north from here until you come across a few centaur camps. Stay here until Cannibalistic Cousins is finished. Wait a minute, then accept the next quest: Take a flight to Shadowprey Village. Now click the green pot again to receive an. Look for. Look for the wooden outhouse. Kill and loot. Use the auction house, sell junk, and repair before leaving town. Go to the doctor in cave and turn in Letter to Jin’Zil. Kill and loot her to finish up Dark Heart. Don’t worry if you don’t find them because they might be in the other camps. Sell junk, buy food, and repair before leaving town. Kill all the harpies that you see until you pick up a. the guide has been working wonderfully at this point, there doesnt seem to be anything connected to the rest of the guide with this quest so i have skipped it for now. Pick up the flight path, then return to Sludge Fen by exiting Orgrimmar the way you came, running south for a few minutes, then running directly west to reach Sludge Fen. Destroy the flying machine and return to Gann on the road. The Stagnant Oasis is one of the best places to grind for your level, so you’ll want to kill centaurs and turtles in the area until you reach level 16. Use your zhevra carcass to summon, Now you’re headed back to The Crossroads. Use your hearthstone to return to Orgrimmar. Kill all the humans you see there. Go north out of The Crossroads until you see a camp of quilboars to your right. Run south along the main road until it curves west. Run directly east until you hit the mountains. Have a wonderful day. . Before leaving, use the auction house, repair, and sell junk. Turn in. . Soon you’ll come across Durnholde Keep. Continue going along the ridge as it goes south and curves west until you reach Cenarion Hold. Pick up one more quest: Go through the exit and head west. . Head north from here to reach Flame Crest. Return to the southeast to turn in, From here, take the road leading west into Stonetalon Mountains until you come across a road to your right. Kill all of the trolls you see. 0. Repair your equipment, buy consumables, and store any shredder pages in the bank. Kill any. Turn in, Head southwest back to the furbolg village. Follow it into Eastern Plaguelands. Stay in the area until you finish Volcanic Activity. Underneath will be the. Kill the Rogue Vale Screechers you find. Timbermaw furbolgs you see. Thanks again. Leave the post and run southwest until you get to the road. . Run east from the wheel. You’re absolutely correct, this part is somewhat confusing, actually. It currently says go NORTH, then EAST to Ratchet. Don’t get off the lift until you reach the third floor. Use it to get the quest: Now run southeast until you find the road and follow it east, then south to Ghost Walker Post. Keep killing enemies until you need just about 200 experience to reach level 12. When finished, use your hearthstone to return to Tarren Mill. Accept all of the following quests here: Make sure to set your hearthstone to Tarren Mill now. This will take about half-an-hour if you are diligent about using the pouch on cooldown. Then run southeast back to the slope leading down. After collecting all four items in the ships, equip your. We even put in a note for folks who don’t actually know what centaurs are. Keep following it until you see Gelkis Village on our left. Kill the furbolg you find here until you need just 150 reputation to reach unfriendly with Timbermaw Hold. For the next several few steps, kill any. Continue on the path to enter Andorhal. Then leave and take the zeppelin to Orgrimmar. . Go inside the inn and set your hearthstone to Razor Hill. Kill Noboru and loot him for his cudgel. Darn, okay got that fixed too. Once finished, keep running north until you hit the Stagnant Oasis. Within the settlement is a tent with. But they lacked vision. Enter it and take the quest: . Kill all the golems here. Now go east around the mountain to reach Sludge Fen. . Leave the city and get on the zeppelin to Grom’gol Base Camp. There are multiple ways to level up in Azeroth, but this guide will make things simple for you. Follow the patch to reach The Sepulcher. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Turn in, Use your hearthstone to return to Orgrimmar. Keep killing gorillas in the area until The Apes of Un’Goro is finished. Make sure the kitten is following you. Every starter zone is filled with Copper Ore, it doesn't really matter which one you choose. After killing flesheaters, go north to find. Use it to collect a, Head south back to the entrance of Un’Goro and turn in, Now go west back into the zone and look for purple eggs. Follow the main road near Camp Taurajo north until it begins to curve to the east. Make your way through to arrive at Lost Rigger Cove. Go west now to reach the Harborage. This contains. . Dungeons are excellent sources of loot, but they also usually have quests associated with them to give you boatloads of experience. Swim down there and pick up the, Get out of the water and head southeast to return to Light’s Hope Chapel. on the ground. We’ve caught a number of these and corrected them. Kill them to collect 10, Now run north, swimming across the water, to reach Grom’gol Base Camp. Home of Joana's Vanilla/Classic WoW speedruns and speed leveling guides. Start running southeast and across the road. Board a flight for Thunder Bluff. If you loot Pendant of Myzrael from one of the trolls, stop and use it to get and complete the quest: Return to Tarren Mill and take flight to Undercity. Excellent guide, worked great on my path to 60. Turn in. Repeat this until you have five of them. to finish your quest. Proceed to clear both camps of trolls again. Now fight your way out of Shadow Hold and Jaedenar. Kill the undead there to collect, Now go west along the main road now until you are south of Marris Stead. . Keep kill humans here until More Wastewander Justice is finished. After lighting the watchtower over the bridge, run back to Kalaran near Thorium Point. Stay here until Scaring Shaky is finished. Follow the path and start killing all the nagas. Do you mean to go through Deadwind Pass? Run off the path south here to hand in. Go to Elder Rise and hand in, By now you should be finished with the evergreen pouch, so turn in, Magatha’s Payment to Jediga, Jes’rimon’s Payment to Jediga, Andron’s Payment to Jediga. Leveling from 1-60: Questing and Dungeons By Wowhead . Run to the east when you can to enter Dustwallow Marsh. Make sure to also collect apples from the cactus bushes and wake up sleeping orcs with your blackjack when you see them. Take the western path and follow it until you end up at Sunrock Retreat. The Plaguewood is northwest from the user’s location at that point. Now run to the west and clear the camp of trolls you find. Run to Hunter Rise and hand in. At the top there are four guards and. Search for a clickable map and chart on the ground. Now go east to make your way back to The Crossroads. Kill and loot a, . Kill everything in the area until A Solvent Spirit is complete. Head south from here to reach the Broken Pillar. There are four enemies inside, but you can split them into two pulls. at the bottom of each watchtower to try and find a spyglass. After reaching Raznajar Isle, look for a chest by a tree on the east side of the island. I noticed yesterday though none of the quest names are a different color anymore. Kill things in the area until you find. Hand in. Kill and loot the, There are more eggs north of here. While you’re here, check for any Green Hills of Stranglethorn pages you are missing on the auction house. Kill the elemental that spawns and loot it. Thanks for the guide, currently following it and it’s working nicely . Once you exit the tunnel, jump down to Felpaw Village. Turn in. If you’re a tauren or undead start the guide in the Barrens at level 12. Turn in, Run back down and head west to get back to Freewind Post. . Would be helpful to include that and not waste ppls time with running anymore than they already have to. Once you arrive at Tiragarde Keep, kill and loot all the humans you find. Now enter the cave and follow it through. Look for another bubbling crack in this oasis like you did for The Forgotten Pools. So I had to walk all the way back lol Go back across the bridge and recross the northern bridge where you originally came from. Keep running this direction past Southshore to reach the Western Strand. Take the right path (southern) and follow it into the city of Stonard. Swim through the water to reach the boat. When you land, turn in the quest: Then get on a flight to Gadgetzan. Ride the zeppelin and go inside Undercity to pick up the flight path (unless you are undead). Turn in. U should hand in To Steal From Thieves. Enter The Crossroads and learn the flightpath. inside the cave. . Click the. Follow the mountain until you are on the other side, then proceed west to reach The Crossroads. Keep killing them until you pick up a. . Kill buzzards to finish Barbecued Buzzard Wings and Badlands Reagent Run. Kill any buzzards and coyotes that you see. Kill enemies inside the fortress. Exit the tower and keep going along the road until you see a camp to your left. Enter Tarren Mill and turn in, Run west and south again to make your way to Hillsbrad Fields. Kill them until both quests are finished. Who made this leveling guide? Thank you so much for your input on this. Additionally, try not to use your hearthstone unless mentioned during the guide so you have it available when needed. Turn in. . Run east until you see the entrance to Thunder Ridge. . The path you’ve mapped takes you to Redridge Mountains. Head south out of town until you can go west past the Pestilent Scar. Kill everything you find there where you look for. Make your way into the water and find Gnomish Toolboxes at the bottom. Run east and make your way back up the cliff. Wherever you go, kill any non-elite dinosaurs within your level that you see. Continue doing this until Forging the Shaft is finished. Run north until you find a pair of pillars. From here, keep run southeast to reach Sen’jin Village. . Run southwest again to get back to Hillsbrad Fields. Continue through the altar room and head down a spiraling ramp. Once you free both prisoners, you can just start freely killing mobs in Durnholde Keep until you reach level 23. Drop your answer below! Head north from here until you can go east around the Pestilent Scar. The vanilla WoW Horde leveling guide you see on this site was originally made back in 2006 by Joana (AKA Mancow, or FuriousPaul). Pick up his head after killing him and go back to Ratchet. Follow it west and run to the shore. Keep killing elves in the area until The Ranger Lord’s Behest is finished. Exit The Cauldron when you arrive and kill all the, Run northwest to climb up to Thorium Point. Leave the den and run east to find the Weathered Nook. Keep killing the naga until you have the rune for your quest. Kill satyrs here until Befouled by Satyr is complete. Enter the tent and use the strongbox to turn in, Leave the tent and head all the way west until you reach the Harborage again. Tideress will drop a, Before leaving the lake, make sure to visit the structure on the island to finish Stonetalon Standstill and kill 12 elementals. Once you can fight him with just one extra enemy, do so and loot his corpse. Now use your hearthstone to return to Gadgetzan. . Follow the road southeast out of the village. When you’re finished, go east to until you arrive at Dreadmaul Rock. Kill enemies in Thunder Ridge until you are level 11. Talk to it to get the quest: Kill all the golems and dwarves you see in the camp. Run until you reach the Dabyrie Farmstead. Use the crates in the corner. Stop when you reach Darkcloud Pinnacle. From here run just a bit further north until you find a path leading to the west. Turn in, Make your way towards the inn and turn in. Run southwest from here to find the Ruins of Thaurissan. . Run northeast from here and clear the forest area of any gryphons, wolves, and owlbeasts that you find.

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