Risoux | French aeroplanes flew overhead, attacked German infantry and bombed trenches, roads and bridges. Along with the usual destructive bombardment, the Ailette valley was deluged with gas shells. Deutsche Soldatenfriedhof Fort de Malmaison, https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Fort_de_la_Malmaison&oldid=193303693, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Bregille | The German 7th Army conducted the Bunzelwitz Bewegung (Bunzelwitz Manoeuvre), a retirement from the Chemin-des-Dames to the north bank of the Ailette on the night of 1/2 November. Giromagny | After the capture of Allemant, the 28th Division was to halt between Vallée Guerbette and a point 550 m (600 yd) north of Allemant. 22 Offiziere, 46 Unteroffiziere, 736 Mannschaften: zusammen 804 Mann, 2 Pulvermagazine für 120 Tonnen Schwarzpulver, Magazine für 500.000 Kartuschen, 1 Pulverlaboratorium, 2 Backöfen mit einer Kapazität von je 300 Broten täglich, 2 Brunnen mit einer Leistung von je 18,3 m³ täglich, 1 Zisterne mit einem Fassungsvermögen von 60 m³, 1 Krankenrevier mit 80 Betten, 1 Stall für 14 Pferde. The Germans fled across the Ailette or into Pinon and the Pinon forest. Pétain issued a communiqué on the evening of 23 October, announcing that the Sixth Army had taken more than 7,500 prisoners and an enormous quantity of equipment, including 25 heavy and field guns. On the right flank, from Laffaux Mill to Mennejean Farm, the 27th Division and XXI Corps to the east of the farm, attacked the southern face of the salient. The French captured the village and fort of La Malmaison and took control of the Chemin des Dames ridge. Steel reinforced concrete had been added but in 1913, the fort was sold to a Laon contractor, to demolish and use the materials to build new barracks in town. At 5:15 a.m., the advance began and only traces of the first two German trenches were found. Few of the mortars had been damaged and were used to engage the French infantry, who were repulsed along most of the position, except on the west flank, which was withdrawn to conform with the retreat of the neighbouring divisions. Guns on the Monampteuil heights enfiladed the mouth of the corridor and at the northern end, there was German artillery around the Laon hill. Malmaison à la mairie de Chavignon par l’associa-tion CHAV. Army Group German Crown Prince ordered the 7th Army to hold the positions east of La Royère Farm and on 28 October, the Germans counter-attacked just north of Froidmont Farm but were repulsed and lost another 60 prisoners. The Allemant plateau was cut from south to north by the narrow St. Guillain ravine and other ravines lay below the crest of the Chemin-des-Dames ridge. Tillot | East of the reservoir, the valley of the Upper Ailette was visible as far as the Troyon–Laon road. Bruissin | A picture of Fort de Malmaison hosted by travelblog.org. [19], Super-heavy siege artillery was necessary to pierce the roofs of the caverns on the Chemin-des-Dames and Pétain provided several batteries of 380 mm (15 in) and 410 mm (16 in) guns, which fired non-explosive shells with armour-piercing points, capable of penetrating the roofs of the tunnels. The German artillery had been ordered to begin a counter-bombardment at 5:30 a.m. on 23 October, after the time of the attack was discovered from French prisoners. Das Fort de la Malmaison deckte die Straßen nach Soissons und Laon, auf dieser das letzte Hindernis für einen Angreifer auf dem Weg nach Paris. The salient formed at Anizy was the area most vulnerable to attack and the Army Group reinforced Group Crépy with the 14th Reserve and 103rd divisions. Ursprünglich wurde es Fort de la Malmaison genannt. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 9 octobre 2017 à 15:20. Villeras | Behind the French troops on the right, at the summit of the Chemin-des-Dames ridge, a surprise was sprung by a line of French guns secretly placed behind the ridge, which began a creeping barrage. 1. The attackers on the right, astride the St. Guillain and Laffaux–Pinon ravines, reduced St. Guillain Farm and assaulted the second German position, over-running Giraffe and Lizard trenches by noon in a rainstorm. The defences were held by the 5th Prussian Guard Regiment and in the Panthéon and Orage quarries, whose garrisons had been relieved the night before by the 5th and 8th companies of the 3rd Grenadier Regiment, who had not been seriously shaken by the preliminary bombardment. Dort ruhen 11.841 deutsche Gefallene aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. Observatoire cuirassé | A retreat to the north of the river and canal would be difficult, despite the number of crossing points, which could be made impassable by artillery-fire, particularly with gas-shell. 8,60 € 7,74 €-+ Mehr Angebote. The closure by gas bombardment of the Ailette valley a few days before the French attack, had made withdrawal impossible (as had a similar bombardment at Verdun in August), which accounted for the French claim of 11,500 prisoners, along with 200 guns, 222 trench mortars and 700 machine-guns. At Carbine Trench some resistance was encountered, the Zouaves advanced towards the fort, guided by French artillery firing incendiary shells. The 67th Division had been repulsed from Tonnerre and other quarries and a further advance by the 66th Division was postponed until they were captured. The 38th Division also descended the heights and attacked Chavignon. [42], The 66th Division and the left hand regiment of the 67th Division, would be exposed to the German batteries on the Monampteuil heights, firing over the Bassin d'alimentation, which fed the Canal de l'Oise à l'Aisne, when they passed over the crest and began their descent. Razimont | Souville | At about 6:00 a.m., the 31st Chasseur Battalion stormed Malmaison Farm and at 6:45 a.m., the French were established north of the Riegelstellung. [24], On 15 September, the 7th Army had c. 168 aircraft against 300 French but the Army Group headquarters delayed the dispatch of more air units until mid-October, having expected attacks elsewhere and had also reinforced the Flanders front. Bois d’Arcy | Since the Chemin-des-Dames ridge was honeycombed with large limestone caves and quarries, adequate artillery preparation was indispensable. The sides of the ravines wound around, facing all directions and could not be swept from end to end by artillery-fire. The main bombardment by c. 1,790 guns began, with an average of 180 guns for each 1 km (0.62 mi) of front, three times the amount of German artillery. Posts about Battle of La Malmaison written by The Times Report. [49], In Group Crépy, the 14th Division managed to form a continuous line along the Pinonriegel, to the original position on the right flank and no French attack ensued; at 2:45 p.m. the Group headquarters ordered the withdrawal of the remaining artillery, south of the canal. For centuries stone-cutters had tunnelled into the ridge; the sides and summits of the plateaux were studded with workings, often 9.1–12.2 m (30–40 ft) underground and many, like the Dragon's Cave beneath the Hurtebise Finger, were connected to the surface by tunnels. Should they and Chavignon be lost, it was unlikely that the Germans could remain on the southern slopes of the Chemin-des-Dames east of the Chevrégny Spur. Catinat du Larmont | On the same day, a German raid to the south-east of Vauxaillon was repulsed, as was one in the Cerny region during the night of 1/2 September. The French infantry advanced behind an elaborate creeping barrage but the earlier zero hour meant that the attack began in the dark. where is this as well!). The corps was then to keep on the right of the ravines, between which lies the Mont des Singes spur and capture the strong point of the Guerbette valley, below the tip of the spur and the Château de la Motte. Ursprünglich wurde es Fort de la Malmaison genannt. Die sterblichen Überreste von Ferdinand Grohs ruhen heute auf dem Soldatenfriedhof Fort-de-Malmaison, Block 2 Reihe 18 Grab 1598. Category:Fort de la Malmaison. A rapid exploitation up the valley was impossible, because the ground on the borders of the canal was marshy. Fort La Malmaison : given up about 15 km North-East of SOISSONS! [54] A party of Chasseurs found an empty German trench and the field artillery opened a creeping barrage, behind which waves of infantry advanced over the crest. A wheeling manoeuvre so close to the Germans was hazardous and made worse by the narrowness of no man's land in this area, which prevented French from bombarding the German defences with super-heavy artillery; on 23 October, many of the trenches, barbed-wire entanglements and machine-gun nests remained intact. Taken in Chavignon. Could somebody point me to the whereabouts of Fort de la Malmaison? Geschichte. The 28th Division arrived almost simultaneously at the western edge of the Allemant ravine, which forced many German soldiers back into both hollows with many casualties. The 66th Division and the left flank regiment of the 67th Division of XXXIX Corps, were to capture the Panthéon Farm fortifications, at the south-east end of the Malmaison plateau and to occupy the area round the Orage Quarry to the north, from the stump of Les Bovettes water-tower, to an underground quarry at the head of the Bovettes ravine, which descended to Pargny-Filain. Le fort est déclassé deux ans avant le début de la guerre, en 1912, mais joue tout de même un rôle décisif le 23 octobre 1917 lors de la bataille de la Malmaison. Revère | Write a Review. Auf dem Wall befand sich abschnittsweise ein gedeckter Weg. Mont Bart | Jump to navigation Jump to search. Further east, beyond the Bassin d'alimentation reservoir, was the hilltop village of Monampteuil. Leveau | About 220 artillery pieces, particularly those behind the 14th and 13th divisions and some of those behind the 2nd Guard Division, south of the canal were difficult to supply and the new batteries were placed north of the Ailette. A defensive flank was established from Moisy Farm across the plateau, to prevent a counter-attack from the Mont des Singes. During the night the division organised a defensive flank from Bois de Veau to Bovettes Quarry. Jahrhundert zum ersten Mal als königliche Villa (eines … Pompelle | The German Fort de Malmaison Fortress is a retirement for 11,841 German victims of the Second World War in France. When the front line fell, the 7th Army had no option but to withdraw Group Vailly north of the Ailette, abandoning the Montparnasse and other quarries, which had become death traps. The photograph may be purchased as wall art, home decor, apparel, phone cases, greeting cards, and more. Froidmont Farm and the plateau north of the Chevrégny Spur and further east, on the Chemin-des-Dames ridge, along with several posts on the northern edge of the plateau, together with the villages of Courtecon, Cerny and Ailles on the northern slope, north-east of Craonne and the plain; Chevreux were also fortified. [55] West of the Chevrégny Spur the villages, except for Allemant, lay on lower ground between five spurs facing north. Supply routes were closed by curtains of shrapnel fire and from 20–23 October, the Ailette valley and the sides and summits of the spurs projecting into it from the ridge were blanketed by gas, which made it impossible for German gunners to remove their gas masks to eat and drink. Little opposition was met and the wire entanglements and trenches were found to have been obliterated. Dogneville | On the extreme right flank near La Royère Farm, the 67th Division made little headway but the 66th Division pushed on to the Panthéon, Orage and Bovettes quarries. Januar 1887 setzte der Kriegsminister Georges … [30], The flanking divisions of XXI Corps were then to descend on the final objectives, Vaudesson village, Bois de la Belle Croix, Montparnasse Quarry, the west end of Chavignon village and the Bois des Hoinets, a northern continuation of Bois de la Belle Croix. On the extreme right flank the French were to stop on the high ground west of Vaudesson. French territorial gains on the Aisne, Nivelle Offensive, April–May 1917, Map of Vauclerc (commune FR insee code 51598), Map of Vauxaillon area (commune FR insee code 02768), Map of Allemant area (commune FR insee code 02010), Map of the Chavignon area (commune FR insee code 02174), Map of Vauclair area (commune FR insee code 02102), Map of the Vaudesson area (commune FR insee code 02766), German retreat from the Chemin des Dames, November 1917. A squadron of aeroplanes machine-gunned the German infantry and the crews of trench mortars and batteries beyond the crest. Sonderangebote und Aktionen-10% ★ 4.2. Grenoble | [6] The First Army attacked from Ecurie north of the Scarpe to Vimy Ridge, which fell at about 1:00 p.m., in a 4,000 yd (2.3 mi; 3.7 km) advance. Oktober 1917 an die Franzosen zurück. Toulbroc’h | In Group Vailly to the east, the ZbV 54 (special duties) headquarters (Lieutenant-General Max von Müller), defended its sector with the 13th Division, 2nd Division, 5th Guards Division and the right flank units of the 47th Reserve Division. Mont Verdun | Already tagged. Ouvrage d’infanterie | The batteries of the neighbouring sectors also took part in the duel. Benennung. Already tagged. Many of the new air units arrived after the French preliminary bombardment had begun and when the French infantry attack came, were still unfamiliar with the terrain. Justice | Some ground was gained on the Vauclerc Plateau, until French counter-attacks recovered the ground. XIV Corps had pivoted on its left flank to a line perpendicular with the start line. The British attack either side of the Scarpe river penetrated 6,000 yd (3.4 mi; 5.5 km), the furthest advance achieved since the beginning of trench warfare. On 17 October, the French preliminary bombardment for the offensive at La Malmaison began and the next day the German communiqué read. Mons | Around Allemant, several machine-gun emplacements held up the advance but before 9: a.m., the 30th Regiment worked its way on to the plateau north of Allemant. Enable Map. Seclin | Two Eingreif divisions had been committed between Allemant and Chavignon, a third had been pinned down around from Pargny-Filain–Filain and a fourth division, which arrived at Anizy during the battle, was unable to cross the Ailette owing to the French barrage. Montboucons | [28][d], Group Vailly, had four divisions between Moisy and La Royère farms and three on the northern slopes of the heights. [32], At 5:15 a.m., the French field artillery began a creeping barrage and German SOS rockets rose into the air and the German artillery managed to fire a prompt but thin counter-barrage. Ein freier Zugang ist nicht gestattet. The Mont des Singes Spur was to its east and the Vauxaillon valley, which narrowed to the Allemant ravine, went round and then northwards, joining a ravine which curved round the Allemant plateau west of Pinon. Januar 1887 setzte der Kriegsminister Georges Boulanger um, dass alle Forts, befestigten Artillerieanlagen und Kasernen des Système Séré de Rivières die Namen von ehemaligen Militärkommandanten zu tragen hätten, weswegen das Fort nach dem Revolutionsgeneral Anne Joseph Dumas den Namen Fort Dumas erhielt. French aircrew watched fortifications and tunnel-openings for signs of occupancy and immediately directed artillery-fire on any which were seen. The barrage moved in 50 m (55 yd) bounds, followed closely by the French infantry, who found that most of the surviving German defenders were Shell shocked and still under cover. La Malmaison. [32] During the advance, the French would have to pass the subterranean quarries near Les Bovettes, the Tonnerre Quarry and across the crest, where the French could be engaged by the German artillery on the Monampteuil Heights. 23 Monday Oct 2017. It is located in the northern part of the Île de France region on the Chemin des Dames in the Aisne department of the former Fort de la Malmaison… Bondues | Chemin des Dames-FR-02-cimetière allemand de La Malmaison … At 5:15 a.m., both divisions advanced up the slopes towards the Soissons–Laon road, from Fruty Quarry to the west of Malmaison Farm. Le fort de la Malmaison pouvait abriter 804 hommes. By the evening, the German line ran from the plateau east of Vauxaillon, along the Pinonriegel north of Vaudesson and Chavignon, to the high ground of the ridge south-west of Pargny and then connected to the old position. Das Fort del la Malmaison ist damit von größter strategischer Bedeutung. Le vendredi 25, l’Ailette est atteinte au nord de Pargny et de Filain. From Vaudesson a ravine descended northwards to the west of Chavignon, where it met the western of two gullies, at the head of which was Malmaison Farm; Fort de la Malmaison was on the plateau above the eastern gully. When the Germans stumbled upon the empty fort they integrated it in their defensive line. Monceau | [51], Defence in depth was not possible in the area of Group Vailly, which held positions on the edge of the hog's back ridge of the Chemin-des-Dames, south of the Ailette. Bessoncourt | Positions held by the 14th Division in Group Crépy and those of the 13th Division and 2nd Guard Division in Group Vailly were quickly reduced to crater-fields. The German counter-bombardment could only be maintained in the eastern part of the attack front and French patrols found that some German outposts had been left unoccupied. Bruley | Paroches | A fresh battalion which relieved it after dark was bombarded by the French artillery throughout the night of the 30/31 August and during the rest of 31 August. [23], The ground-holding divisions held a frontage of about 4.8 km (3 mi) each and to evade French artillery-fire, had moved the reserve and resting battalions far to the rear; about 18 battalions of the Eingreif divisions positioned near the Ailette, were moved closer to the front to compensate. Oktober 2019 um 19:56 Uhr bearbeitet. Bourlémont | Es war in rechteckiger Form angelegt, der Graben wurde durch zwei zum Grundriss diagonal angelegte Doppelkaponnieren (Nordostecke und Südwestecke) gesichert. Januar 1887 setzte der Kriegsminister Georges Boulanger um, dass alle Forts, befestigten Artillerieanlagen und Kasernen des Système Séré de Rivières die Namen von ehemaligen Militärkommandanten zu tragen hätten, weswegen das Fort nach dem Revolutionsgeneral Anne Joseph Dumas den Namen Fort Dumas erhielt. The XXI Corps divisions were in the village, the wooded ravine of Bois de la Belle Croix and Hoinets wood, the Montparnasse quarry and the western half of Chavignon. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for La Malmaison . PARKER. Already tagged. [12], On 2 June, a bigger German attack began, after an intensive bombardment of the French front, from the north of Laffaux to the east of Berry-au-Bac. Le fort est occupé par l’armée allemande pendant la Première Guerre mondiale et est repris par l’armée française lors de la bataille de la Malmaison le Saint-Apollinaire | Hi! September 1878, die Fertigstellung erfolgte 1882. Crèche | [33] The weather on 17 October was clear and French aircraft made a coordinated attack on German observation balloons. By 1:00 p.m., the French had reached the Chavignon brickfields and the east end of the village. Because of the shortage of troops, the front-holding divisions had to change places with the Eingreif divisions, rather than be withdrawn to recuperate. Centenaire de la bataille de la Malmaison – 21/22 octobre 2017 Cette photo est exceptionnelle car le fort est fermé au public. The roof of the Montparnasse Quarry was made to resemble a honeycomb and despite its extraordinary thickness, at least two 410 mm (16 in) shells penetrated to the double gallery underneath, causing many casualties to the garrison. Tourelle Galopin 75 mm | El Jardín de las Iguales Garnacha 2018. Despite the French holding improvised defences and the huge volume of German artillery-fire used to prepare attacks, the German methodical counter-attacks (Gegenangriffe) met with little success and at Chevreux north-east of Craonne, the French advanced further into the Laon Plain. Update : 23/10/2017 La bataille de la Malmaison fut lancée par le général Pétain près du fort de la Malmaison du 23 au 26 octobre 1917, après les échecs des offensives précédentes et les mutineries liées à la guerre d’usure. Laya 2019. Tags. [7] By 16 May, the British had captured 254 German guns but had not broken through. Already tagged. The village fortress of Allemant and other strongpoints lay between the first and second positions. Before the Nivelle Offensive in April, d'Esperey had studied the tactical problems connected with the natural barrier between the Aisne and the plain at Laon and advised Maistre about the topography of the region. Vaudesson village was threatened from the west flank by the 27th Division of XIV Corps, in Lizard Trench and was captured by the 21st Regiment and several tanks, as Bois de la Belle Croix further east was overrun by the 109th Regiment, which took 18 guns and several prisoners. [a] Zero hour had been set for 5:45 a.m. but a German message, ordering the front garrisons to be ready at 5:30 a.m. was intercepted and the French start time was moved forward to 5:15 a.m. Already tagged. Das Ergebnis war eindeutig, keine der bis 1870 errichteten Befestigungen konnte der neuen Munitionsart standhalten. [49] At Chavignon, a counter-attack recovered a small part of the village in the evening and at the eastern boundary of the French attack, the 5th Guard Division was able to repulse the attack, since the artillery positions north of the canal had suffered less damage and trench mortars had been dug into the front line before Operation "Autumn Harvest". Droit d'auteur: les textes sont disponibles sous licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions; d’autres conditions peuvent s’appliquer.Voyez les conditions d’utilisation pour plus de détails, ainsi que les crédits graphiques. 5,40 € 4,85 €-+ Kauf auf 60 begrenzt.-10%. There the German trenches ran eastwards below the Fruty Quarry, crossed the road and ascended to the southern edge of the Malmaison plateau at Mennejean Farm. Boehn decided to implement the Bunzelwitz Bewegung (Bunzelwitz Manoeuvre) contingency plan, part of the Gudrun Bewegung (Gudrun Manoeuvre) prepared earlier in the year. The 13th and 43rd divisions of XXI Corps and the 38th Division advanced simultaneously down the Malmaison heights, with tank support on the flanks, towards the edge of the plain south of the Ailette. Sartelles | Das Fort de la Malmaison (kurzzeitig auch Fort Dumas genannt) in der Gemeinde Chavignon (Département Aisne) war ein Sperrfort des Système Séré de Rivières, das zwischen 1878 und 1882 erbaut wurde. [41], South of the Pinon–Chavignon road, Pinon and Rosay forests extended to the south bank of the Canal de l'Oise à l'Aisne. The German front line on the crest of the Chemin-des-Dames and Laffaux ridges consisted of two or more trenches. [3], From February–March 1917, the German armies in the Noyon and Bapaume salients retired to a new line of fortifications, the Siegfriedstellung (Hindenburg Line) across the base of the salients, from Neuville Vitasse near Arras, through St. Quentin and Laon to the Aisne east of Soissons, ending at Cerny en Laonnois on the Chemin-des-Dames ridge, although the withdrawal to the last part of the line did not take place. In 1914 it was abandoned by the French because of its poor condition. The new fortifications were intended to be precautionary, (Sicherheitskoeffizient) built to be used as rallying-positions Eventual-Stellungen (similar to ones built on the Russian front) to shorten the Western Front, economise on troops and create reserves. Auf dem Nachbargelände des Forts befindet sich der Deutsche Soldatenfriedhof Fort de Malmaison. Saint-Cyr | The density of the French creeping barrage was such, that the attack on Allemant was preceded by sixteen shells per minute, per 100 m (110 yd) of front.

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